Tactics-definition-updatedJust like the saying “Ready-Fire-Aim”: In your business, you must craft your Marketing Strategy before moving to implementing any tactics.
Otherwise, you will not be sure whether you are using the right tool or focusing in the right direction. Once we have properly and powerfully defined your Competitive Advantage and true Target Audience through the Strategy Coaching, you are ready to select the best tools in the precise combination to reach them effectively.

Working together in our Coaching sessions, we will discuss how tools such as the below examples can be best launched in your business to make you the obvious choice for your prospects.

  • Google Positioning
  • Reputation Management
  • Business Social Media Strategy
  • Business Blog Strategy
  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Webinar Marketing Strategy
  • Published Author Marketing Strategy

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kevinCoffeyBJAs a business owner of a financial services company for 12 years, I have struggled with keeping up with technology, staying in contact with existing clients, getting return appointments from my seminars and getting referrals. Michael Saunders put into action a game plan that solved all four of these challenges. He implemented an  automated appointment scheduling system that makes it easy for my representatives,  clients and  seminars attendees to schedule an appointment with me. This technology saves me approximately four hours per month so that I can focus on other things necessary to grow my business or spend time with my family! Michael also set up an automated  drip system that sends my clients birthday cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards, etc. Once again this client contact system saved me time which saves me money. Thirdly, Mr. Saunders created an automated video email system that sends my seminar attendees messages encouraging them to keep or set a return appointment. This turnkey system increased my return appointment ratio by 35%! Lastly, I have received two referrals from the referral system he has put in place for me the past three months. I highly recommend Michael Saunders as he understands technology, the psychology of sales and the time value of money. I have used many marketing consultants over the past 22 years of being in the financial services business  and all of them brought value to my business, but Michael has by far brought  the most value in the least amount of time in helping me grow my business.

Kevin Coffey-President, Complete Spectrum Financial Services