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Are You Currently Dissatisfied with Your Ability to Consistently Close New Business Sales and Strategic Alliances?


When you have your own custom Authority Positioning Portfolio, you have a powerful “shock-and-awe package” to give your top prospects and Strategic Alliances. Imagine getting ready for a sales meeting with a prospect you have been working on landing for months. You realize that this sale would make-or break your quarterly numbers. You finally have the meeting set with their Management Team for next week.

What if you sent each of them an overnight package with a professional cover letter intro expressing how the upcoming meeting will lay out your plan for their success, but in the package you also include your Authority Portfolio:

  • Color copies of media mentions you have been featured in
  • Flash drive with 2-3 radio and podcast interviews you have conducted as well as interviewing Influencers in their industry that they will recognize.
  • A copy of your Amazon bestselling book with a professional color glossy cover featuring your name and picture and the title describes your solution that you provide to customers or companies that have similar problems

When this package arrives a few days before your presentation, and then you arrive for the meeting, are you perceived differently than your competitor that they are also meeting with that week?

This Authority Positioning Portfolio can also be delivered electronically for the sales presentations that are not as high-profile. You can set each of those items up on a page on your website with links to each item and send the sales prospect the link in advance of your meeting. Keep in mind, this is NOT a mass-marketing technique. The true power is to “Open More Doors to Close More Business”. So whether you use it to get the meeting in the first place, or to “Pre-Frame” your presentation before you arrive, or even as a “drop the mic” moment to leave behind after the presentation…you will succeed with this Authority Selling™ approach!

Let Us Build Your Authority Positioning Portfolio for You


  1. The 1st asset to build for you is in our package called Authority Boost™ where we promote your business and get you cited in the major media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN affiliates.  read more
  2. The 2nd asset we build for you is “Social proof” in the form of reviews, testimonials, or statistics on customer satisfaction which tells the prospective customer that this is a company they can trust. The product or service may or may not be perfect, but at the very least, the company has a great deal of customer satisfaction, so it can’t be all bad.  Reputation Marketing Platform
  3. The 3rd asset we build for you is your Authority Positioning Publishing Package. Research conducted by American social psychologist, Stanley Milgrim discovered “The marketplace will blindly believe the words of an expert.” The power of this Milgram’s Law is that you can become THE expert even if you are starting out from scratch, BUT you must know how to leverage this law with the next following one from George Zipf.
    Zipf’s Law says that “your ideal clients intentionally narrow their choices to those who are on top.” You must understand how to leverage Milgram’s Law and Zipf’s Law along with your Authority Positioning Portfolio so that you can create a virtual “blockade” around your business to dramatically reduce your competitors from competing against you. Your prospects do not know what you know about your industry. Period. So when you can pre-frame your expertise with educational pieces of content from a radio or podcast interview, media mentions in news stories or the fact that you are a published author on the exact topic your target audience is need of fixing…you are pre-framed immensely with Authority Positioning!
    The great business gurus Chet Holmes and Dan Kennedy are famous for saying: “Salespeople have brochures. Experts have books.”
    Using this approach, you have the unique ability to use this science of setting your prospect’s buying behavior.   Learn More


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