So, What is the “Holy Huddle”?

Marketing Huddle began during my MBA studies as a way to help small business owners learn and implement marketing strategies and tactics in their business. Typically this is in the form of Publishing and Distributing customized media through online syndication. This achieves the goal of getting the business owner’s message in front of the people that are already searching for their services.

But….none of the success that we can achieve together is worth anything at all without understanding our true purpose for living this life. The foundation of Marketing Huddle is based on my love for Jesus Christ and openly acknowledging that God has paved every single step of my journey, both what has already occurred and that which lies ahead for me and my family. Without faith in God and the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, this company ceases to exist. You may find that you and your company are on a journey that you may not understand the direction or destination. I find great strength in knowing that the best guide assesses your situation and equips you with the skills and tools you need to succeed….typically from personal experience.


As a marketing coach and consultant, whether it’s inspiration, motivation, ideas, or implementation, I come alongside to help you. I feel that God has called me to work with businesses to help them succeed. When I can help a business achieve more than they ever thought possible it gives me great joy. This is because an element of my coaching is to help institute “Strategic Philanthropy” (think of it like a “business-tithe”). This will help to GET missionaries on the field SOONER and KEEP them there LONGER! I believe God launched Marketing Huddle for a purpose. And that purpose is to help you do GREAT THINGS!

Would you like to learn how to have a personal relationship with Jesus?

STEP 1– Understand that you were born a sinner and that separates you from God. It is only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that your relationship with God is restored. Placing your faith in Jesus as full and final payment for your sins guarantees you ETERNAL LIFE. STEP 2-Watch this 5 minute video called “The Story”

The Story Short Film from The Story ( on Vimeo.


“In the Fingerprint of God lies the Blueprint for your Life. We are made in His image, Formed by His perfect hand and bearing His imprint……..God’s workmanship, Created in Christ Jesus for a purpose which God prepared beforehand That we should walk in it.
Ours is not the quest to leave our mark, But to discover His mark in us.”


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