The corporate world is getting more and more competitive. C-Suite executives and sales professionals are seeking to find viable ways to get ahead and differentiate themselves.  Sometimes the answers are clear-cut to build ways demonstrating their competence and show they are deserving of career advancement.

C-Suite Executives should also look to establish themselves as an expert with authority to advance their career. That gives them an “Executive Presence” that is a big leg up in the business world. Authority is key to career advancement because C-Suite Executives are naturally considered to be smart enough to deserve the power to make choices about the organization. To achieve authority, executives need to have credibility validated by external agencies and media.  Also, they need to have public opinion and industry articles that demonstrate their competence and expertise.

The first thing to do is to get visible with television, radio, newspaper and online news site interviews. Those interviews can then be quoted repeatedly. Executives can point to themselves as being a Fortune Magazine verified expert or a CNBC verified business analyst.  With these reputable media outlets, the executive can gain authority. Countless executives from Jack Welch of GE to Alan Mulally of Ford and Boeing used outside media to raise their profile and gain additional support for their companies.

While junior executives may have trouble getting a prime speaking spot on CNBC, there are many other avenues to gain prominence. Mid-sized websites and niche focused magazines are always looking for content from experts.  An executive with a good PR advisor or nose for an article may receive a call in to provide a quote or article. Additionally, there are services that can get you booked on podcasts, business shows, and media.

Executives should also get a book published. Executives may want to use a ghost writer or a staff member, but these deep analyses provide the mark of a serious person with in-depth knowledge. For example, John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods Supermarket wrote the book Conscious Capitalism.  It explained his view of the business world and how he seeks to elevate the concepts of giving back to the community and investing in employees. He believes that a corporation serves more than its bottom line alone. This book along with other articles raised his profile and made him an expert on a particular type of business activity. That could also end up attracting more customers and investors over the long term, which is more profitable for him and the company.

Marketing Huddle is a leader in positioning C-Suite executives as experts.  Our methodology allows senior business leaders to establish themselves in their chosen field and gain additional credibility. We help executives gain additional clients, improve their image, brand, and advance in their careers. Our proprietary 3-Hour Authority™ system allows executives to become an Amazon bestselling author without having to write a word in about three hours of their time.


Expertise Is the Key to Career Advancement

Being viewed as an expert in your field will make you more visible within your market niche, more trusted by your peers and industry leaders, and more successful.  Here are the top 10 ways becoming an expert will advance your career:

  1. Expertise boosts search engine rankings: recent updates to search engine algorithms have increased the emphasis they place on expertise and authority.  There are several ways search engines test your expertise, from the quality of links into your website to the quality of content you post.  The bottom line is that being a recognized authority will give you higher rankings in Google and other search engines, and that means more visibility for you and your business.
  2. You will have a more successful career & business: the more you know about your industry, the better you will be at running it and beating out the competition.  The more successful your career and business becomes, the more you will be viewed as an expert.
    As they say, success breeds success.
  3. You will be able to build a stronger team: people want to work with recognized leaders in their field because that gives them greater advancement opportunities.  If prospective employees see you as an expert, they will want to work with you, and your team will become stronger.
  4. You will see sales increase: consumers want to buy from people they trust.  Being viewed as an expert will increase confidence in your products and services.
  5. The media may want to interview you: communications professionals maintain lists of trusted experts in various fields.  Your inclusion on those lists will increase your media exposure and advance your career.
  6. Guest blogging opportunities will increase: content marketers are scrambling to identify authoritative writers for their blogs.  If you are viewed as an expert, companies may want to post blogs you write on their sites.
  7. Opportunities to collaborate will increase: when experts in your field want to collaborate on a project, they look for other experts.  If they see you as an expert, they will call you first when collaborative opportunities arise.

Building your reputation as an expert in your field takes insight and a lot of hard work.  Fortunately, there are experts in building expertise—marketing agencies that have broad experience in ways to enhance your reputation and authority.  If you want to learn more about the ways you can boost your competitive advantage with Authority Positioning, you can take the Authority Quiz and download an Industry Report at