Hey Guys, Mike Saunders, the Authority Positioning Coach here today with another Authority Asset…you might be asking yourself “what’s an authority asset”.  I spent about 12 years in the mortgage banking business and I worked a lot with financial advisers and you all that time heard about their portfolios – their portfolio of stocks and bonds them that type of asset that you can buy. And it really is an asset it really is something that is long term. So that became ingrained in my mind with my years in the financial services world. Then about nine years ago when I started my digital marketing agency- Marketing Huddle, it really became something part of my vocabulary thinking on the higher side of terminology and helping to bring out a way for people to understand something very simply with using a common phrase like that.

And people have a nice connotation with an asset because typically an asset is a good thing you think of your house. Right. I mean you might have a mortgage on it but your house is something that can appreciate that you can build on that foundation to build and grow. So if we think about our authority our expertise our trust and the transparency and authenticity that we have with our target audience… shouldn’t that also be an asset.

Shouldn’t that be part of our brand of voice. And I say it should be. Let me tell you this a few years back Content Marketing burst onto the scene. Right. It was so many people were going to buy buy buy- Groupon- a deadline and you know get my widget & content marketing kind of came on and a wonderful way to educate and reach your target audience in a very non-threatening way and all of a sudden people would read some of these content marketing pieces like a blog post or a video of something like that they would understand that product or service or widget a little bit better than if they just saw sales page or a brochure or flyer right. Well I heard it big recently or someone comment recently that said “content marketing no longer a thing”

Why would that be? Because really content marketing is so vital that it need to be the foundational piece to a good solid marketing strategy anyway so why call it something. So my vision and passion is authority positioning marketing will do the same thing in years to come. Meaning when you can build authority positioning assets to gather into your authority positioning portfolio so that you can show your client and target audience and prospects all of that then that you stand for your brand stands or with your voice your authenticity and your care for them and you care for them because you want to give them value even before you do business with them. Am I right? You have the book the Go giver. Hopefully you have it you have it. Go get it. It’s a wonderful book on serving and giving.  And it’s just a mode of doing business.

We can take what we know and become an educator and an advocate for our target audience and put that out in multiple platforms  whether it is a video whether it’s a podcast article or a blog or whatever you might call it for a whole other conversation right.

But I’m going to teach you thru this series that I think about calling it “The Art of Authority”. Building your authority is your number one priority and it’s not that simple is filling in the blanks. It’s an art form and I’m sure it’s an easy and fun and simple do it yourself tips because Aren’t you tired of seeing a shiny object after shiny object in your Facebook feed. Of course it will help you do this if you want to. In reality you just need to know your stuff. You need to know your target audience. You need to know what you provide your competitive advantage. Had a lot of people believe that with good messaging storytelling storytelling because remember back tell the story. So so is an example of what my product or service can do. But when you do that from a position of authority that’s what happens is not only your target audience and your prospect see you and you you have a little bit different life but you see yourself in a little bit different light when you start seeing people responding and engaging with your content that you’re coming at them from a position of authority because you’re teaching them you’re not speaking down to them you’re teaching them.

And when you develop that brand and authority voice now you’ve got something super powerful and it’s not a one hit wonder you don’t just put one up and go where the business. You’ve got to do it and do it. Continue doing it because consistency is the key. Something about this just like Content Marketing became so hot and now is not even a big anymore because it’s a darned good marketing strategy right. I feel and my vision is to have a movement really of people that know how to build up already know how to access things that will position themselves at the expert in front of their target audience.

And now all of the sudden the only thing that they’re doing in their content marketing or their marketing campaign is going to be seen and optimized and amplified that much more because it’s coming from that position of authority and that the gist of the story might be where you’re seeing. Think of it like  if I was having lunch with a movie star and you saw that picture wouldn’t you think back pretty popular you have to live with a movie star. Yeah. You know I’ve seen them take my big book and it’s like you’re with so how do you how do you swing that. So now all of a sudden your content is being used alongside other people’s good content could you get invited to speak for a summit in your target audience maybe a telephone or even our summit where you can speak to your area of expertise.

Well now all of the things you’re seeing with this expert and another expert and now you are being seen is out already expert from that position of status. That didn’t happen overnight and I’m going to teach you some ways that you can start slowly and easily have free and cheap and all of that. So stay tuned for other segments of the Art of Authority because I really feel like this is so big when the brink of something big on the brink of this movement because one day we’re going to be seeing back when you can structure your content and your educational focus for your product or service in the light of authority so that you’re seeing it that expert and that person that can be trusted because everyone has they know like and trust factor. Correct. You don’t want to talk to someone or work with them it you can’t trust and believe you me people are researching you before they even reach out to you.

You’re only not leaving you or your e-mail is not you know beginning or your scheduled appointment on a Calendy or Schedule Once or Time Trade really is not being loaded up because people are seeing things about you online or not seeing things about you online that they need to see and in one of the upcoming episodes here.  I’m going to talk about a really powerful strategy I taught last week twice at two different marketing workshops that I did in it called ZMOT… so stay tuned for that. But for now remember building your authority is your number one priority. Make it a great day.

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