CA-TA-SA© SystemAfter years of consulting with business owners on their Marketing Strategy a pattern began to appear. I found that we were focusing on specific points in building out their strategy and each one built upon the previous. As I began to research these strategies, a simple system appeared that delivered powerful results. Once I began to walk the client through the steps, I drew 3 boxes on a Legal pad and it opened up vast amounts of opportunities for us to grow their business. The simplicity of the “boxes” is what gives it the powerful results because anything that becomes cumbersome…doesn’t get done! As an avid reader of personal development teachings, such as Tony Robbins, I remembered that he coined his concept of constant-and-never-ending-improvement:  “CANI”  This gave me the idea to call my system “CA-TA-SA” relating to the 3-box coaching system I created which is a fusion of Competitive Advantage, Target Audience and Strategic Alliances.

The result that you will experience is that ALL of your marketing will resonate powerfully with your target audience so that they fully understand why you are the obvious choice!

This is a small part of your overall Marketing Plan but is the best place to start to give you a solid blueprint to get started with right away. The next logical step is to move into Strategic Marketing Coaching.

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